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Guide to Commercial, Private and Student Rent of Property in Port Elizabeth.

Welcome to a quick guide to rent in Port Elizabeth. These are a few frequently asked questions with links that will assist you make a good choice.

Commercial Rent

The main hubs are Walmer (Main Rd and Heugh Rd) and Newton Park (Cape Rd). These are safe and convenient business zones. Square meter price can vary defendant on the access to traffic, building/finish quality or placement.

Private Rent
Suburbs of Port Elizabeth ?
First assess what your travel is centered around e.g. If you have children at school, look at where the schools are in Port Elizabeth and then stay near them. If you are a student at the N.M.M.U., the suburb of choice would be Summerstrand for student accommodation. Summerstrand is close to the beach but can be a problem during soccer tournaments (traffic) and if you stay to close to the University (party noise). Town houses offer fair protection from crime and low maintenance, suburbs Lorraine and Charlo have many townhouse complexes.

Advisable not to rent near bushy areas, as they are susceptible to break-ins. Staying near Cape Road can be difficult during rush hours and congestion. Make sure you know were squatter areas are, as these can tend to have higher crime. Walmer does offer advantage as low costing housing is nearby for staff. In the CBD areas (Newton Park and Walmer) it is advisable to have secure parking.

Student Rent
The suburb of summerstrand is best suited for accommodation for students. The rental ranges from, R1500 - R2000 per month and is defendant on facilities.

Most of the student accommodation is in the Summerstrand area of Port Elizabeth as it offers close proximity to the Nelson Mandela University, shops and beach entertainment areas.

Feel free to review available accommodation



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